Top 20 countries offering freelancing jobs

For anyone just getting into freelancing and wondering where the jobs are, here’s a short list to get started with.  Coming from the trends section of the Elance freelancing service, here are the top 20 countries offering freelancing work.  The number next to the country are the quantity of jobs posted.

  • 1. US, 1,578k
  • 2. UK, 196k
  • 3. Australia, 170k
  • 4. Canada, 150k
  • 5. India, 46k
  • 6. Singapore, 23k
  • 7. Israel, 22k
  • 8. Germany, 20k
  • 9. Ireland, 18k
  • 10. Netherlands, 17k
  • 11. New Zealand, 15k
  • 12. Spain, 14k
  • 13. South Africa, 13k
  • 14. Pakistan, 12k
  • 15. France, 12k
  • 16. Hong Kong, 11k
  • 17. Switzerland, 11k
  • 18. UAE, 10k
  • 19. Italy, 10k
  • 20. Denmark, 9k

Combined, you get a total of 2.3 million freelancing job opportunities.  Here are the leaders from each region:

  • Africa: South Africa.
  • Asia: India, Singapore, Pakistan and Hong Kong.
  • Europe: The UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark.
  • Middle East: Israel and the UAE.
  • North America: The US and Canada.
  • Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.

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