10 Interesting facts about Finland and the Finnish language

For people interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Finland and the Finnish language, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. The Finnish language is spoken by about 5 million people, mostly in Finland with other communities in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Brazil, Canada and the US.  The first comprehensive writing and translations for it were done Mikael Agricola in the 16th century.  Considered a fairly difficult language to learn and outside of Estonians hard for others to understand.
  • 2. Besides Reykjavik in Iceland, the capital city Helsinki is the farthest north capital city for any country worldwide.
  • 3. Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe and the most sparsely populated.  It became an independent country in 1918, having been previously part of Russia and Sweden.
  • 4. Finland includes about 188,000 lakes and 179,000 islands, that’s one for every 27 people.  Left over from the last ice age, the glaciers were bigger, lasted longer and resulting with a flatter landscape and no shortage of freshwater.  From a long standing continual process, Finland is actually growing, slowly increasing from what’s called a post-glacial rebound at a rate of 1 cm a year.  Forest covers over 80%, the highest in Europe.
  • 5. Finland contains a rich foundation of biodiversity, with more than 60 mammalian species, about 250 breeding bird species, over 70 fish species and more.  Well known species of Finland include the brown bear, gray wolf, wolverine, moose, elk, the European Eagle Owl as well as water species including the Atlantic salmon, northern pike, perch and the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal.  The seal is one of only three seal species that live in lakes, currently down to about 300 individuals.
  • 6. Due to the extreme northern latitudes, winters will go 51 days without sun and in the summer you’ll see 73 days where the sun does dip below the horizon.  In the winter you get to experience Kaamos, an eerie blue light that surrounds everything outdoors.
  • 7. Finnish cuisine is based on more fish, poultry, less red meat, along with various vegetables, mushrooms, berries, potatoes and other local, seasonal ingredients.  Fish and seafood can be prepared by frying, boiling, drying, salting, fermenting, pickled, cold smoking or eating raw from the sea.
  • 8. Beverages include home brews such as Sima for Mead, Sahti for beer and Kilju as a sugar wine.  Finnish people are the worlds biggest coffee drinkers, 2-3 times more than Italians or Americans.   No doubt from staying up 20 hours a day in summer to enjoy the sun and the opposite end of needing to stay awake during longer periods of darkness.
  • 9. If needing to relax, Finland is home to about 2 million saunas and traditional smoke saunas, almost one per household.  You can also partake in Avantouinti, the hobby of visiting a lake during winter, cutting a big hole in it and going for a swim.
  • 10. Finland receives over 4 million visitors or tourists a year and over the last few years has been growing ~24% annually, the second highest in northern Europe behind Estonia.  Attractions for visitors include for professionals working with people at Nokia and other technology or business activities as well as the general escape from civilization into the great outdoors.  Outdoor activities include checking out the Northern Lights, taking a boating cruise through the many chains of lakes connected together, visiting the Finnish archipelago in the south as well as hiking, skiing or fishing in the many parks and nature filled environments.

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