Startup activities ramping in Northern European surroundings

Here are a few examples of some of the changes and activities taking place across Northern Europe, mostly for startups but also others as appropriate, such as small business trends and the recent announcement of Latvia joining the Euro.

See the highlights for each country, generally going from West to East.


Quite a bit of activity from the recent Startup conference in Reykjavik.


Besides areas for silicon and the Internet you’ll also find people moving forward with artisan ideas using the local environment and adapting some technology for agriculture environments.


How students are trying out different ways to fulfill their own ideas.

  • Startup Craze In The UK, Forbes: Highlighting some data gathered from the recent startup scene job fair Siliconmilkroundabout, showing 67% of those polled willing to join a startup, 72% were fine with not having a salary and 97% were most interested in learning opportunities.


Providing different types of government and university programs to help spawn startup activities.


Here are two sides of the energy impact for startups in Norway.


Ongoing startup, networking and funding activities.


New tech hubs and attractive environments for startups in the telecom or mobile space.


The search for the next Skype continues, with lots of feedback loops for the general startup ecosystem.


Recent headlines from getting official approval to join the Euro.


Some feedback from Latvia joining the Euro and new local business ideas.

  • Lithuanian entrepreneurs want euro, but later, The Baltic Course: A survey showed that while 84% of 130 companies in Lithuania support the euro introduction, perhaps waiting until the current storm subsides a bit isn’t the worst idea.
  • Lithuania entrepreneurs try to sell ‘country’s smell’, The Telegraph: Three Lithuanian entrepreneurs have created a new national fragrance, including a mix of bergamot, wild flowers, ginger, raspberry and grapefruit, along with base notes of amber, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and “tree moss and tree smoke”.

Have your own networks for your business activities in Northern Europe

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Learn more about having your own networks in Northern Europe, including using the applications, the languages available, solution examples and other relevant blog articles.

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