Share commonly used websites and blogs with your group

A couple of the benefits when having your own network for a group is being able to share useful or commonly used websites and blogs with others on your network.   This can be helpful to have in centralized place for easy reference and sharing with others that haven’t yet discovered the site.

Examples for Websites

Add websites to a specific folder to have in a centralized place, see integrated views from respective parent folders.Share websites with others on your own networks.

  • Associations: Share websites of recommended services used by members of your association.
  • Clubs: Add websites of places that you regularly meet at or adding websites for places that you and club members use for supplies or equipment for your activities.
  • Education: Store and share websites of topics you’re researching or studying.
  • Leagues: Share websites of different places or venues that your league participates in.
  • Organizations: Add websites of other groups or topics that your organization is connected with.
  • Volunteers: Share websites useful for any volunteer projects, such as places to meet or occasional reference.

Examples for the News Reader

Add either a blog RSS URL or a keyword into the news search.  Once added, you can see an integrated view of the most recent article from each news source.Add blogs and news searches on your own networks.

  • Associations: Add blogs appropriate for your association, such as from the different locations that the association is based from.
  • Clubs: Share blogs for topics that your club is involved with, such as blogs about hiking or national parks if for an outdoors club.
  • Education: Include blogs or a news search of what you’re learning about, helpful to stay informed of current events or changes.
  • Leagues: Store and share blogs appropriate for the league you’re involved with, such as if playing with a hockey league, include blogs from other professional or NHL sources.
  • Organizations: Share blogs from other organizations and sites related to what your organization is involved with.
  • Volunteers: Add blogs relevant for the volunteer activities you’re interested, such as if volunteering in a different location, include blogs from that location.

Learn more about using the applications websites, news or more information about using with a group.  See application examples, benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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