12 Benefits of writing poems for new ideas to explore

For anyone thinking or curious of trying out their writing skills, one of the simplest ways to do so can be with writing a poem.  While they’ve never been known to produce much of an ROI, at least in monetary terms, they can provide what you could call a stepping stone to others, here’s 12 benefits to start with:

The Unknown Trek

While it may not be something you’re used to, or having ever tried before
Once you get started doing something new, may end up opening some doors
Here’s a brief list of reasons why, to give it a spin or a whirl
All you need to do is try, capture a moment from the world

For one, it doesn’t have to take too long, just a couple hundred words
Second could be the problems you’re solving, writing out answers to learn
Third could be funny, a limerick, pun or a joke
Fourth could be closure, from a past that needs to go

Fifth could be boredom, something to do when nothing planned
Sixth could be freedom, writing out stories to make a stand
Seventh could be romance, to woo a connection you’ve met
Eight could be deliverance, to mend a misplaced bet

Ninth could be start, add some beats and strums for a song
Tenth could be all wrong, no big loss but at least you’ve banged the gong
Eleventh could be inspection, double meanings for those who know
Twelfth could be reflection, learning later what you wrote

While there may be many more, depending on your situation
Either way you’ll rarely be sore, from your new found creation
Share them with nobody, a few or everyone on the net
For crying, laughing, discovering another unknown trek

Have your own network for storing and sharing your writings

Once written, here’s a few benefits you get from working with your own networks.

  • Upload and store them on your network for backup, this could be uploading a word file to Documents or adding a shorter version to a note.
  • Keep for yourself or share with others appropriate.
  • Add complimentary content such as websites or blogs for referencing other writers you admire or upload music recordings you’ve done to the Audio application.

Learn more about having your own networks for writing, including using the applications, benefits, FAQs or other relevant blog articles.

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