Countries where immigrants are 10% or more of the population

There can be many advantages when living in an area with a large immigrant population, some of them include:

  • Not alone: If you’re also an immigrant or relative foreigner, you’re not alone and often can have no problem meeting others in similar situations to yourself.
  • Meeting new people: Likewise other immigrants most likely don’t already have their “circle” of friends already established and are more open to meeting new people.  This versus with a group that’s already established, no need for them to meet anyone new.
  • Culture mix: The more diverse, the more interesting it becomes, such as the foods or flavors that people bring with them, intermixing with local ingredients for something new.
  • New ideas: With different perspectives can bring new ideas and solutions, a little bit of your outside the box viewpoints.

Here’s a list of the countries with the highest percentage of immigrants compared to the national population, with the country, number of immigrants and percentage of the population.

  • Andorra, 52k, 77%
  • Qatar, 637k, 76%
  • UAE, 3,212k, 71%
  • Monaco, 25k, 70%
  • Kuwait, 1,670k, 62%
  • Macau, 257k, 51%
  • Singapore, 1,843k, 43%
  • Hong Kong, 3,000k, 43%
  • Bahrain, 295k, 42%
  • Jordan, 2,225k, 39%
  • Nauru, 5k, 38%
  • Israel, 2,660k, 38%
  • Luxembourg, 174k, 37%
  • Liechtenstein, 12k, 35%
  • Brunei, 124k, 33%
  • San Marino, 9k, 32%
  • Saudi Arabia, 6,360k, 25%
  • Oman, 628k, 24%
  • Switzerland, 1,660k, 23%
  • Antigua and Barbuda, 18k, 22%
  • Australia, 4,097k, 20%
  • Latvia, 449k, 19%
  • Canada, 6,200k, 19%
  • Gabon, 245k, 18%
  • Lebanon, 657k, 17%
  • Kazakhstan, 2,502k, 17%
  • Cook Islands, 3k, 16%
  • New Zealand, 642k, 15%
  • The Gambia, 232k, 15%
  • Estonia, 202k, 15%
  • Belize, 41k, 15%
  • Palau, 3k, 15%
  • Austria, 1,234k, 15%
  • Ukraine, 6,833k, 15%
  • Croatia, 661k, 15%
  • Cyprus, 116k, 14%
  • Ireland, 585k, 14%
  • Norway, 655k, 13%
  • Cote d’Ivoire, 2,371k, 13%
  • Moldova, 440k, 13%
  • US, 38,355k, 13%
  • Germany, 10,144k, 12%
  • Sweden, 1,117k, 12%
  • Belarus, 1,191k, 12%
  • Spain, 4,790k, 11%
  • Grenada, 11k, 11%
  • Libya, 618k, 11%
  • Costa Rica, 441k, 10%
  • France, 6,471k, 10%
  • Netherlands, 1,638k, 10%
  • The Bahamas, 32k, 10%

Go here to see other countries on the list with less than 10% of the population.

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