Feeling stuck? Listen to a tune to get your groove

While tunes and songs can be many things for different people, celebrating, dancing or relaxing, they can also be inspiration or problem solving for various situations you find yourself in.  As Neil Young wrote in the song Don’t Let It Bring You Down, “Find someone who’s turning, and you will come around…”.

Here are nine ways that music can help to get you moving again.

1. It’s Already Moving:  From the beats and strums, a song is already moving making it easier for you to move along with it, hence the natural inclination to start dancing or at least tapping your feet to the beat.

2. Problem Solving: Often times, many of the lyrics in a song are actually problem solving, with the verses going through the problems or variables and the solution coming through in the chorus.  If you’re stuck on a problem, sometimes by listening to a song will help to show or trigger the solution, especially with songs not necessarily specific or topical, can be used from a broad level.

3. Not Alone: If feeling down and out, no doubt you can listen to 1000’s of songs that more than likely share your perspective.  This can be comforting with knowing at least someone out there feels how you do, along with anyone else that likes the same song you’ve connected with.

4. Extra Boost: For almost any mood you happen to find yourself in, you can usually find a song to give it a little extra, taking that 10 you already have going and turning it up to 11.

5. Adaptable: From rhythm & blues, jazz, funk, soul, rock, pop, country, heavy metal, fusion, hip hop, rap, Motown, operetta, shot tunes, polkas, Caribbean, folk, punk, acoustic, lullabies, sing-alongs, classical, dance, easy listening, Indie, gospel, Latin, reggae and many others along with any combination, you can usually find a style, song or tune appropriate for your environment.

6. Bridge Building: Music and songs are one of those things that you can have in common with just about anyone.  Disagree on all sorts of things but listen to the appropriate tune and presto, on the same page or in the same boat.

7. Multiple Levels: Many songs can be taken on one level, you listen to it a hundred times and suddenly discover they may be talking about something else, such as words or combinations of words that can mean one thing at surface level and something else when diving a little deeper.

8. Location Independent: Most of the time it really doesn’t matter where you are and you can tap into it.  This can be while driving, in a more crowded place with headphones or simply going through the tune in your mind.

9. Synergistic: While listing to a song on your own is one thing, listening with a group or at a concert can be altogether different, such as if you were fortunate to see a Doors concert, or covers from today, of the tunes Not to Touch the Earth or Run With Me.

If feeling especially inspired, you can take the extra step and start creating a tune or poem on your own.  As nobody comes out the shoot with a #1 hit, a few stepping stones are usually required, you may feel more comfortable sharing only with a few, getting feedback and going from there.  If so, you can do it with your own Odysen network, some of the benefits you get from it:

  • Create a network just for your tunes, share it only with others that you feel would appreciate your creations.
  • Upload your recordings to the Audio application, others can listen directly from your network and add comments for feedback.
  • If sharing with multiple networks, different audiences, once uploaded you can import from one network to another in the blink of an eye.
  • Include complimentary content as appropriate, such as website links to covers you’d like to play, blogs from other musicians or schedule events for upcoming live performances.
  • Get started and invite others to your networks for free with the Basic plan, using any of the applications and having initial storage for your songs.

Learn more about having your own network for music, including using the applications, a list of benefits, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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