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Using the filters of the Actions application

Here’s a short overview for using the filters available with the Actions application, including All Actions, My Actions, Unassigned, Pending, Completed and Search.

All Actions

This is the default view and shows all the actions from the folder you’re viewing.The different filters available with the Actions application.

My Actions

If you only want to see the actions assigned to you, click the My Actions filter.  This can be helpful for projects with a larger group, quickly finding the ones you’re responsible for.


Click the Unassigned filter to see the actions without an owner.  Helpful for the people managing the project or with volunteers looking for new actions that need to be done.


See the actions that are held up for one reason or another by clicking the Pending filter.


Review the actions completed by clicking the Completed filter.  Of course, once an action is completed and reviewed with the group, you can delete it or move it to another folder.


Type a keyword in the search box to see any actions relating to a specific topic, such as for any topic that you’re particularly interested in.

Once a filter has been added, you can additionally sort by the Name, Priority, Status, Due Date, Updated Date, Owner, Created Date and the number of Comments.

Go here to learn more about the actions application, including the features, solution examples, FAQs and other relevant blog articles.

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