Timeline of the creation of musical instruments

Curious about where music comes from?   Well, besides the winds in the trees, beats from the rain and songs from the birds, here’s a brief chronology of humans and their musical instrument creations:

  • 1. Your Voice: Beginning of Man
  • 2. Horn: Early Man (from the horns of animals)
  • 3. Flute: ~40,000 BC
  • 4. Harp: 3500 BC
  • 5. Trumpet: 1500 BC
  • 6. Bagpipes: 1000 BC
  • 7. Acoustic Guitar: 1100’s
  • 8. Violin: Early 1500’s
  • 9. Trombone: 1600’s
  • 10. Cello: 1660
  • 11. Piano: 1711
  • 12. Clarinet: 1700’s
  • 13. Piccolo: 1800’s
  • 14. Ukelele: 1800’s
  • 15. Harmonica: 1800’s
  • 16. Accordion: 1829
  • 17. Saxophone: 1842
  • 18. Modern Keyboard: 1900s
  • 19. Drum Kit: Early 1900’s
  • 20. Electric Guitar: Early 1930’s
  • 21. Bass Guitar: 1930’s

I suppose the next could be from the keyboard being able to play multiple tracks or beats at once, if it’s not already done, but that’s probably not realistic and not sure it could be even be called an instrument.  As each instrument can have a pretty wide range to itself, depending of course on how creative you’re with it, trying to keep it simplified to a few basic sounds with different rhythms just seems to be a completely limited way to play something, no range.  Then again, everything finds of a way of changing sooner or later so who knows.

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