Searching your notes for something specific

Have a large list of notes and looking for something specific?  Use the search feature, type in a keyword and you’ll get any notes using that keyword.  This could be from the title, the content within the note as well as any comments that others have added to the note.

Searching your notes for something specific.

Examples of where this can be useful

Here are a few examples from personal and professional environments using the search feature in the Notes application.


  • Friends and Family: If you’ve stored a large group of recipes, organized in different folders such as soups, meals, fish, you can search notes from the all folder to find the specific recipe you’re looking for.  Such as if you’d like to see all the recipes you have that include Dill, just type Dill in the search box and you’re done.
  • Associations or Organizations: If you store meeting minutes in notes and looking for a specific topic reviewed from past meetings, type in what you’re looking for and you’ll see all the relevant meeting minutes.


  • Freelancers: If you a network with a client and they’ve posted a number of new ideas or proposals, you can use the search to find tasks or projects specific for your expertise.
  • Businesses: If sharing a network with colleagues in a small business and using notes for meeting minutes or outlining new ideas, you can use the search feature to quickly find something from the past relating to a new project or problem you’re working on.

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