Have your own network to help organize your website content

If you’re involved with organizing and managing a website, here are a few ways that you can use to help manage the content you’re thinking of using.

  • Photos: Store any photos you’re planning to use in the Images application.  Once uploaded, you can review them in a slideshow and others can add comments for feedback.
  • Graphics: Using the Images application again, you can store and share any graphics you’re planning on using.  This could be for icons, banner images, product graphics and others as appropriate.
  • Videos: If planning to display a video example on your website, you can store them on your network for reference in the Video application.  This includes being able to watch the videos from your network and getting feedback from others for any changes needed.
  • Social networking websites: If you use a few social networking websites to help promote your website, you can store them in a centralized place from the Websites application.  This can be helpful for daily or weekly updates, simply go to the appropriate folder where they’re stored and you can go through one after another.
  • Resource websites: If you use other websites to help manage your own website or blog, you can have them a different folder, making convenient to access whenever needed.
  • Complimentary blogs: To help stay informed of what others are doing in a similar area to your own, you can store their blogs in the news reader.  Once you’ve added their RSS URLs, the news reader will display the most recent article from each in an integrated view.
  • Outlines of new ideas: Add a bullet or numbered list to the Notes application, helpful to have for easy reference or sharing with others.
  • Audio or music recordings: If you’re a musician or dealing with other types of audio files that you’re thinking of displaying on your website, you can store samples of them within the Audio application.  Listen to them while on your network, as well as being able to listen to a collection of continuous play.
  • Organizing projects: Use the actions application to help organize a larger project for your website, adding actions with their priority, due date, owner, and changing the status of each as the actions get completed.
  • Working with 3rd parties: If you’re working with anyone else on your website, you can simply create a new network just for them, importing relevant files from one network to the other for easy sharing.
  • Storing office files: For any word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or PDFS, you can store and share them in the Documents application.
  • Scheduling events: If you events coming up associated with your website, you can schedule them with the events application, able to see integrated views for the day, week, or month.

Lots of options to help organize different types of content for your website.  Learn more about using for web design, web marketing, or web content, including using the applications, the benefits, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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