10 Interesting facts about Belgium

For anyone interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Belgium, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. There are about 11 million people that live in Belgium, with borders of the Netherlands in the north, France to the south, Germany to the east, and Luxembourg to the southeast.
  • 2. The official languages are Dutch, French and German.  Dutch, or rather Flemish, is used in the north, French in the south, and German in small parts of the east.  Brussels, while located slightly on the northern side, dominantly speaks French.  The northern side is known as the region of Flanders while the southern half is known as Wallonia.
  • 3. The largest city in Belgium is Antwerp, followed by Ghent, Charleroi, Liege, Brussels, Schaerbeek, Bruges, Anderlecht, Namur, and Leuven.  The capital is in Brussels.
  • 4. The name Antwerp, or Antwerpen, comes from a legend of a mythical giant that lived in the city of Antwerp and would collect a toll for those crossing the river Scheldt.  For those that couldn’t or wouldn’t pay, a hand was chopped off and thrown in the river.  Currently there’s a large statue of hand in Antwerp.
  • 5. You can travel across most of Belgium through its train system, including a direct rail taking you from Brussels to Paris in about 2 hours.  By car, travel is usually fairly quick with people courteously leaving the left open for people that really need to get somewhere.
  • 6. The currency used in Belgium is the Euro, EUR.
  • 7. The cuisine in Belgium can be largely French based with many different types of sauces used.  Other foods common in Belgium are chocolate, waffles, late night snacks of fries and mayo, mussels and many types of seafood, as well as seasonal foods such as fresh asparagus in the Spring.
  • 8. For beverages, practically each town will have its own type of beer and Jenever, similar to gin.   Each beer has its own glass that it’s served, with over 800 different types across Belgium.  For Jenever, you can often visit what’s called a Jenever bar with literally hundreds of different flavors.
  • 9. Bars do not have a regular closing time, often opening at the crack of dawn and staying open as long as there’s a customer, regularly staying open all night.
  • 10. There are about 8 million people that travel to Belgium each year.  Attractions include visiting Brussels, Antwerp, and the historical city of Bruges.

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