Create a new network or add a sub-network?

When you create networks with Odysen, you have two options.  One, create an entirely new network, including with a new sub-domain, or two, create a sub-network, an extension from one of your existing networks.  Here is a short guide to help you determine which is the most appropriate for your situation.

Creating a New Network

This is the most appropriate when setting up a network for a different type of group or activity that you’re getting involved with.  With this, you’ll be adding a new sub-domain, such as, with yourgroup being the sub-domain.  Some examples include:

  • A new group of friends.
  • For your own family.
  • A private network just for you, such as for backup purposes.
  • For a hobby with others that are interested.
  • An association or organization that you’re managing.
  • A club or league that you’re involved with.
  • A network for your freelancing activities, such as for storing backups of your work, centralizing websites you use, and other activities to help organize your work.
  • A network with colleagues for your small business.

Creating Sub-Networks

When adding a sub-network, you’re using an existing sub-domain from one of your current networks, similar to extensions of a group that’s already established.  Some examples include:

  • If you have network for a hobby with a core group of regular users, and planning a larger event with others joining for the first time or on a one-time basis, add a sub-network just for that event or activity.
  • If you have a network with an organization, you can have one main network to use with others helping to manage it, with sub-networks for different types of members using on a more occasional basis.
  • Freelancers can have one network for their own activities and backup, and add various sub-networks for different clients they’re working with.
  • For distributors working with different suppliers and customers, have one main network for your own activities, with sub-networks for different suppliers and customers, keeping content focused for each.  Once established, can also import files from one network to another.
  • Small businesses can have one main network for general usage, with sub-networks for specific groups, such as one sub-network for development, one for marketing, and so forth.   This can be helpful to entire network focused just for the activities of the respective group.

With Odysen, you have the flexibility to create as many different networks or sub-networks as you need, all free with either the Basic or Premium plan.  Once the networks are created, you can use any of the applications and have initial storage for your different files, such as for office files, photos, graphics, audio, and video files.

Learn more about having your own networks with Odysen, or get started today with the free Basic plan.

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