10 Benefits for manufacturers having their own networks

Involved with a business that’s involved with different types of manufacturing activities?  If so, here are 10 benefits you get from using an Odysen network to help organize and manage your activities.

  • 1. It’s Free: Get started with the free Basic plan, able to create your own networks, invite others, use the applications, and initial storage for your different files.  More active users that need additional storage can later upgrade to the Premium plan.
  • 2. Have Networks and Sub-Networks: Create one network to use for yourself and sharing content with colleagues, add sub-networks for working with third parties, such as any manufacturing partners that you’re working with.  With this, you can import files from one network to another, making it easy to share presentations, spreadsheets, word files, photos, and other content.
  • 3. Easy to Organize: Create folders for different projects you’re involved with, add sub-folders to expand the project and see integrated content in respective parent folders.  Within each folder are a variety of applications to add content to, helping to keep all your content for a project integrated in one place.
  • 4. Managing Projects: Use the Actions application to help manage tasks needed for a project.  For each action, you can include the priority, owner and due date.  Owners of the action can change the status of the action as progress is made, such changing from In Progress to Pending or Completed.
  • 5. Centralizing Useful Websites: Add websites that you regularly use in appropriate folders, such as including with a project you’re involved with.  See an integrated view of all your websites in a network from the All folder.
  • 6. Scheduling Conference Calls: Use the Events application to help set up a conference call. You can use the event poll to create multiple dates and times, others can select which ones work the best for them.
  • 7. Planning a Trip: If you’re regularly traveling to different locations, you can use your network to help organize your trips.  Add a folder for each location, include websites of airports, hotels, and local transportation, share photos from your trip in the Images application, add events for departure times, include actions for anything needed to do beforehand, such as updates passports or visas.
  • 8. Sharing Office Files: Use the Documents application to share different types of office files, such as spreadsheets, presentations, or word files.  If you have multiple networks, you can import a collection simultaneously from one network to another.  Others can add comments for feedback.
  • 9. Use in Your Preferred Language: Besides English, there are 33 different languages available, making it easy to share content with others in worldwide locations.
  • 10. Staying Informed: When you log into a network, you can check the Updates Stream to see new content from any of your networks.  You can also add a Newsletter to automatically get informed of new content or comments by email.  Within the newsletter are links to each content item, which you can click to go directly to the respective content in your network.

While being involved with manufacturing activities can be a complicated process, using an Odysen network can help to keep it organized as well as keeping others informed of changes and progress.

Learn more about having your own network for manufacturing, including using the applications, the benefits, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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