10 Benefits for small businesses using their network for Human Resource activities

For people using their networks with colleagues in a small business, besides using for projects and sharing reference content, you can also use for different HR activities.

Here are 10 benefits or ways to do so:

  • 1. Have one folder for everyone: This can be for general information, call it HR, where you can store useful website links, PDFs or other files of healthcare literature, upcoming events, and other content that you wish to share with everyone.Share Human Resource activities on your network.
  • 2. Have private folders for individuals: Within the HR folder, you can add sub-folders for each employee, sharing only with a specific employee and yourself.  When others log in, they’ll only see the folders and respective content that you’ve shared with them.
  • 3. Planning a party: For a company wide or holiday party, you can create use your network to help organize it.  Add a folder just for the party, include everyone, and within the folder you can add content to different applications.  This could the dates of the event in the event application, others can confirm if they’re coming or not.  Include a note with a general overview of the party and you can add some actions for larger or more elaborate events.
  • 4. Informing others: Let others know of any new content with a simple email notification.  Within the email will be a link they can click to go directly to the content in your network.
  • 5. Getting feedback: For any content you share, others can add comments for feedback.  You can sort your content by the number of comments received.
  • 6. Staying informed of feedback: Add a newsletter to automatically get informed of changes, new content, or comments others have added.
  • 7. Sharing photos: Whether from a party or other event, you can share photos with employees in the Images application.  Others can view a collection from a slideshow.
  • 8. Take a poll: You can do this from the Polls application, helpful for getting feedback for an upcoming party theme, a new healthcare benefit you’re considering, or other ideas you’d like to get everyone’s feedback on.
  • 9. Sharing healthcare benefits: Have one folder for Healthcare, add sub-folders for different types of healthcare plans available.
  • 10. Sharing useful websites: Use the Websites application to share websites related to your human resource activities.  Add them to specific folders or you and everyone can see websites integrated in respective parent folders, such as the main Human Resources folder.

Learn more about using a network for HR activities, including using the applications, other benefits, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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