10 Interesting facts about Morocco

For anyone interested in visiting or curious for learning more about Morocco, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. Morocco is in the northwest part of Africa, on the coast of the Atlantic.  It has borders with Spain in the north, Algeria in the east, and Mauritania in the south.
  • 2. There are about 33 million people that live in Morocco.
  • 3. The largest city is Casablanca with about 3.4 million people, followed by Rabat Sale, Fes, Marrakech, Tangier, Meknes, Agadir, Oujda, Kenitra, and Tetouan.
  • 4. The official language is Arabic, while Dareja, Berber, French, and English are also used.
  • 5. Much of Morocco is mountainous, with the Atlas Mountains in the center and south, and the Rif Mountains in the north.
  • 6. The highest point in Morocco is Jebel Toubkal at 4,165 metres.
  • 7. The currency used is the Moroccan Dirham, MAD.
  • 8. It’s considered impolite to handle food with the left hand, Moroccans greet foreigners with kisses on each cheek.
  • 9. The cuisine includes locally grown ingredients such as saffron, mint, olives, oranges, and lemons.  Chicken dishes are popular, along with seafood along the coast.
  • 10. The national drink of Morocco is Mint Tea.

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