10 Interesting aspects about the Celtic culture and Mythology

For anyone interested to learn more about the Celtic culture and mythology, here are a few aspects and facts you might be interested in.

  • 1. The Celtic people are generally considered from northern Europe, but have in various times been through southern Europe and into Asia.
  • 2. The earliest Celtic settlement was discovered in Hallstatt, Austria in 1200 BC and heartland of the Celts was mostly in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.
  • 3. Their dominance was generally between 1000 BC until 100 BC, once Rome moved in.
  • 4. The Celts had their own road network across Europe before the Romans were established, had activity traded with the Mediterranean world.
  • 5. Celtic mythology is believed to consist in three groups, including the Goidelic from Ireland and parts of Scotland, the Brythonic for Wales and Cornwall, and the Continental Brythonic for Brittany.  Even though northwestern Europe isn’t where it began, this ended up being where the culture has remained the most intact.
  • 6. Much of the Celtic tradition was lost as they believed in oral education, without the use of writing things down.  A typical education period could last 20 years before complete.
  • 7. Some of the symbolism found in nature that Celtic mythology is associated with includes: boars for courage and strength; fish or salmon for knowledge; serpents and dragons for trouble; birds for prophetic knowledge; and horses, cattle, and pigs for fertility.
  • 8. Druids were the spiritual guides and often acted as counselors, teachers, mediators, astronomers, and doctors for their communities.
  • 9. Oak trees were an important aspect, the word Druid is a Celtic term for oak.
  • 10. From writings such as from Caesar, it’s learned that the Celts counted by nights and not by days, coming from a belief of things start in darkness and the light is the time in between the next darkness.  This leading to the year starting with the beginning of winter, with winter coming before summer.  The Festival of the Samhain, Halloween, was the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

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