Have your own network for a personal or hobby club

For people involved with a personal or hobby club, such as with friends and family, here are a few ways you can use an Odysen network to help.

This could be for science fiction clubs, ham radio, model railroading, collecting, making things, tinkering, sports, and creative or artistic activities.Have your own network for a club you're involved with.

  • Sharing useful websites: This could be websites of other people with the same interest, see a collection from one place.
  • Sharing relevant blogs: Add blogs to the news reader, see the latest article from each in a single view.
  • Organizing events: Use the events application to schedule an event, and you can add an event poll for the date if the date isn’t fixed yet.
  • Planning project: For or larger project or event being planned, you can add tasks that need to be done in the Actions application.
  • Taking a poll: This could be for feedback or consensus on where to go for the next activity.
  • Using in your preferred language: Besides English, there are 33 other languages available to use with others worldwide.
  • Sharing instructions: Add a note for activities that require a little more expertise, such as a longer recipe, how to build something, or a specific process.
  • Sharing photos: You can upload and share photos of your activity with the Images application.  Others can view a collection in a slideshow and add comments for feedback.
  • Staying Informed: Add a newsletter to your network to automatically get informed of any new content or comments.
  • Get started for free: With the Basic plan, you can get started for free, this includes for creating networks, sharing with others, using the applications, and initial storage for your different files.  More active users can later upgrade to the Premium plan if extra storage is needed.

Go here to learn more about having your own network for a club, including the benefits, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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