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Reviewing the Updates Stream from your account

When you first log into your Odysen account, you have the options to view your networks or add a new one, change your profile, change your plan, request support, as well as viewing the latest changes from your Updates Stream.

Seeing the latest network updates from your account.

By clicking the Updates section, you can quickly see any new content or comments shared with you on any of your networks.  This can be helpful to see any changes before you start working with another network.  From the Updates Stream, you’ll see new content with following attributes:

  • What: This is the name of the application item, such as the name of an action, note, or event.
  • Who: The person that added the content.
  • When: The date that the content was added.
  • Network: The network that the new content was added from.

Once you’re viewing, you can sort your updates by simply clicking on the appropriate column header, once for ascending, twice for descending.

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