Starting a club from your hobby

After you’ve been involved with a hobby for awhile, and still find you enjoy it, you may want to branch out and start sharing it with others, such as starting your own club for it.  Here are a few reasons and benefits you get from doing so.

You’re an Expert, helping others starting out

If you’ve been doing it some time, you probably have learned a few things, tricks of the trade, knowing what works and what doesn’t.   If others are also interested in you’re hobby, you probably appreciate a like-minded person looking for similar perspectives, and likewise they’ll appreciate being able to ask someone questions about things they’re struggling with.

More discussions about your hobby

When making your hobby into a club, you’re putting together more of a community aspect, this could be getting together with weekly, monthly, or annual events, and all having all the discussions that come from them.   Whether about the nuances of your hobby, what others in different locations are doing, or a new project or activity that you’ve been thinking of.

Larger projects or activities

With more people, you can get involved with larger projects or activities relating to your hobby.  This could be something or the weekend or something much larger lasting months or a whole season.  Different people can work on different aspects, getting something done that would take much longer than doing it on your own.

Have a network just for your club

To help organize content and activities with your club, you can create your own Odysen network and share with others involved.  With this you can:Have your own network for a club.

  • Organize with folders: Add different folders and sub-folders for the different projects and activities that your club is involved with.  Inside of each folder are applications to share content with.
  • Schedule events: This could be a one time event, recurring events (such as weekly or monthly), or adding an event poll to get consensus about a specific date and time.
  • Organize projects: You can add different actions to help organize a project, including the owner, priority, and due date.  Others can add comments for feedback.
  • Sharing photos: Upload and share photos from your club activities, others can view a collection in a slideshow.
  • Storing useful websites: This could be other websites related to your hobby, such as for supplies needed.  If they have a blog available, you can include with the news reader to stay informed of anything new.

Learn more about having a network for your club, or get started today with the free Basic plan.

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