Organizing the different aspects of your startup

When putting together an idea for a new business, no doubt you’re juggling more than a few different things, besides the actual product or idea you have.  This can include getting your business registered, getting the product or idea done, organizing suppliers or manufacturing if needed, planning your marketing and sales, and a bunch of other things in between.  With using an Odysen network, you can organize many of these different activities in one place for easy reference, here’s an example for doing so.

Organizing Activities for Your Startup

After you network is created, you can simply add folders for the different activities or projects, within each folder are applications that you can store relevant content.  This can be helpful to have centralized in one folder, but at the same time you can see integrated views from respective parent folders, including the All folder showing you all the content in your network.  Here are some examples for different folders you could add:Organizing a network for startup activities.

  • New Ideas: Have a folder for new projects or ideas you’re thinking of.  Within this you could add ideas to a note, or as specific actions along with their appropriate priority.
  • Active Projects: Have a folder for projects, add sub-folders if for multiple projects.  Within each you can add actions that need to be done, along with their priority, owner, and due date.
  • Operations: This could be a folder for general operations of your business, such as a website for official business registration.
  • Suppliers: Include a folder or sub-folders for any suppliers or manufacturing partners that you’re working with.  Add content such as their website, actions for next steps, store office files in Documents, and schedule meetings or conference calls with events.
  • Marketing: Have a folder just for your marketing activities.  Within this you can include websites for editing your own website and blog, links to social networking websites, store graphics of your logo or products in the Images application, and add appropriate blogs to the news reader.

With the folder flexibility, you have lots of options to create and tailor the network just for your business.  You can keep it for yourself, share with others, or add a sub-network for working with 3rd parties.

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