Have sub-networks for different website designs

If you’re somebody who works on different websites, either occasionally, full time, or both, having separate networks can be an easy way to keep your content, projects, and next steps organized in a central place for each.

Separate networks for different websites

Here are a few of the highlights you get from doing so:Have your own networks for website design.

  • Multiple networks: Have one main network for yourself, add a sub-network for each client or website that you’re involved with.
  • Privacy: Only the people you’ve invited will have access to what you’re sharing, giving a comfortable work environment with you and your clients.
  • Easy to organize: Add folders for different aspects of the website, such as a different folder for each main section, ie Products, Solutions, Support, etc.  Within each folder are applications to share different types of content with.
  • Sharing content: This could be different website links for quick reference, a note to outline a new idea, actions for the next steps, store graphics or photos in Images, include multimedia in audio or video, schedule events for website reviews, and other content as appropriate for the website.
  • Getting feedback: Let others know of new content with an email notification, they can add comments for feedback.
  • Expanding for growth: As a website gets larger, you can simply add new sub-folders for the different sections.
  • Seeing integrated views: Click on any respective parent folder to see all the content from its’ sub-folders, or the root folder for all the content in a network.  This could be all the actions, all the website links, graphics and so on.
  • Staying informed: Add a newsletter to a network to automatically receive an email summary any new content or comments.
  • Viewing all new content: You can click on the Updates stream at any time to see any new content or comments share with you on all your networks.

You can get started and add others for free with the Basic plan, allowing you to add up to 50 content items, have 1 GB of storage and create as many networks as you want.  More active users can upgrade to other low cost plans, but the Basic plan can be a perfect solution for people using on an occasional basis or just for adding comments, such as your clients.

Learn more about having your own networks to organize websites you’re working on, including using the applications, key benefits, and other relevant blog articles.

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