30 Famous poets from the centuries

For anyone interested in the different poets over the years, here’s a short list of some of the more recognized ones, organized by their date of birth and nationality.

  • 1. Homer, 8th century BC, Greek
  • 2. Ovid, 43 BC, Roman
  • 3. Aeschylus, 2nd century AD, Greek
  • 4. Omar Khayyam, 1048, Persian, from Nishapur and Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  • 5. Rumi, 1207, Persian, from Tajikistan, Nichapur, Baghdad, Damascus, and Turkey
  • 6. Dante Alighieri, 1265, Italian
  • 7. Giovanni Boccaccio, 1313, Italian
  • 8. Geoffrey Chaucer, 1343, English
  • 10. William Shakespeare, 1564, English
  • 11. John Donne, 1572, English
  • 12. John Milton, 1608, English
  • 14. William Blake, 1757, English
  • 16. Edgar Allen Poe, 1809, American
  • 17. Whitman, 1819, American
  • 18. Melville, 1819, American, New York
  • 19. Emily Dickinson, 1830, American, Massachusetts
  • 20. Rimbaud, 1854, French
  • 22. Rilke, 1875, Austrian
  • 23. Ezra Pound, 1885, American
  • 24. D.H. Lawrence, 1885, English
  • 25. T.S. Eliot, 1888, American & British
  • 26. Fernando Pessoa, 1888, Portuguese
  • 28. Dylan Thomas, 1914, Welsh
  • 30. Allen Ginsberg, 1926, American

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