10 Interesting facts about Salmon

While many fish may be popular for this or that reason, the Salmon is usually considered at or near the top.  For anyone curious or interested to learn more about the fish, here are 10 facts to get started with.

  • 1. The name salmon comes from the Latin word salmo or salire, meaning “to leap”, which later became samoun in Middle English.
  • 2. The biggest salmon is Chinook or King Salmon, followed by the Atlantic, Chum, Coho, Steelhead, Masu, Sockeye, and the Pink salmon.
  • 3. The typical life cycle of a salmon is being born in fresh water, migrating to and growing in the ocean, and finally returning to their exact same spot to reproduce.
  • 4. It’s believed that salmon are able to return to their same spot from their Olfactory memory, memory that pertains to odors allowing them to pick up their previous journeys for return.
  • 5. The salmon has its place with various mythologies, probably the most notable being the Irish story of Finn and the Salmon of Knowledge.
  • 6. Bears such as Grizzlies, are known for their annual salmon buffets, standing on the edge of a waterfall waiting for the next one to make the leap.  Curiously, they pretty much only eat the skin or fatty parts of the fish, stocking up for winter hibernation and probably tastes better, leaving the rest for the birds, eagles, and other scavengers.
  • 7. Since 1980 or so, the amount of farmed salmon has been steadily increasing, surpassing that of wild salmon in 2000 and doubling it by 2010.  Based on available natural resources, wild salmon have plateaued at around 1 million tonnes per year, and farmed salmon at 2 million tonnes and growing.  That said, many reports show the current wild population has been reduced to much less than what it once was.
  • 8. Most of the farm raised salmon are Atlantic salmon, followed by Rainbow and Coho.  One of the concerns with the farms is it takes more wild fish to feed the salmon than they actually produce, a non-sustainable practice made more problematic as most of these wild fish are already at their maximum sustainable fishing points.
  • 9. Salmon is usually considered a popular and healthy food, including high amounts of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.  Popular ways for preparing include grilling, baking, smoking, and raw, sushi style.
  • 10. While salmon can be caught at various places during different types of the year, probably the largest concentration of wild salmon remains in Alaska, and with that supporting a large tourism market for those looking to catch one or two.

Have your own network to help organize your salmon endeavors

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  • Recipes: Add a folder just for recipes, or within that you could add a sub-folder for fish or salmon.  From there you can add a note for each recipe, including the ingredients in a bullet list and the directions in a numbered list.

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