10 Interesting facts about Senegal

For anyone interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Senegal, here’s a brief overview for help getting started.

  • 1. There are about 13 million people that live in Senegal, located on the west coast of Africa, it has borders with Mauritania in the north, Mali in the east, Guinea in the southeast, Guinea Bissau in the south, The Gambia within its borders, and Cape Verde straight west in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 2. Senegal became an independent country in 1960.
  • 3. The country is named after the Senegal River, which some believe comes from the Wolof phrase sunu gaal, meaning “our canoe”.
  • 4. Most of the landscape consists of rolling plains with the highest point in Nepen Diakha at 584 metres or 1,916 feet.
  • 5. The largest city and capital is Dakar with over 2.1 million people, followed by Touba, Thies, Kaolack, M’Bour, Saint Louis, Rufisque, and Ziguinchor.
  • 6. The languages used are French, Wolof, Soninke, Serer, Fula, Maninka, Diola, English and others.
  • 7. Senegal has a long musical history, include the music/dance style of mbalax, sabar drumming, and using the tama instrument.
  • 8. Storytelling is a well known tradition in Senegal, with professional storytellers called Griots.  It includes a combination of words, genealogy, history, music, and has been passed on from one generation to the next for supposedly thousands of years.
  • 9. The currency used is the CFA Franc, XOF.
  • 10. The cuisine in Senegal often includes fish from the Atlantic, check, lamb, rice, sweet potatoes, lentils, black-eyed peas, and other vegetables.

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