Where are all the active volcanoes?

While better seen from a distance, volcanoes can be a fascinating part of earth’s geography.  Even though they can occasionally cause problems, over time they’re also the creation of what you could call new earth, forming new islands, mountains, and other land features.

So, where are all the active volcanoes in the world?  Here’s a short overview of how many active volcanoes are in each continent and country.


Around the world the hotspots are in Alaska, Central and South America, Iceland, Italy, northeastern Russia, Indonesia, and the Papua New Guinea area.  In total, there are currently 133 active volcanoes worldwide.

  • North America: 7
  • Central America: 14
  • South America: 17
  • Caribbean: 1
  • Europe: 11
  • Middle East: 1
  • Africa: 5
  • Asia and Russia: 59
  • Oceania: 16
  • Antarctica: 2
  • Total: 133

North America

A few in Alaska, Mexico and Hawaii.

  • Alaska: 3
  • Mexico: 2
  • Hawaii: 2

Central America

Generally throughout Central America.

  • Guatemala: 3
  • Nicaragua: 6
  • Costa Rica: 4
  • El Salvador: 1


Only one on the island of Montserrat.

  • Montserrat: 1

South America

Following along the western edge of South America.

  • Ecuador: 3
  • Colombia: 6
  • Chile: 6
  • Peru: 2


Mostly in Iceland with a few in Italy.

  • Iceland: 7
  • Italy: 3
  • Spain: 1

Middle East

Only one in Yemen.

  • Yemen: 1


Mostly in Central Africa.

  • Algeria: 1
  • Ethiopia: 1
  • Tanzania: 1
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: 1
  • Indian Ocean: 1

Asia and Russia

Mostly around northeastern Russian, Japan, and especially Indonesia.

  • Russia: 14
  • Japan: 12
  • Philippines: 2
  • Indonesia: 5 that are highly active, 26 that are moderately active, 31 in total.


Papua New Guinea is the hotspot for volcano activity in Oceania.

  • Australia: There is one in Australian territory, the volcano Heard in the Southern Indian Ocean.
  • New Zealand: 3
  • Papua New Guinea: 6
  • Mariana Islands: 1
  • Solomon Islands: 1
  • Vanuatu: 4


And finally there are two active volcanoes in Antarctica.

  • Antarctica: 2

Go here to learn more about recent volcano activities in each of these areas.

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