10 Interesting facts about Moscow

For anyone interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Moscow, here are 10 interesting facts to get started with.

  • 1. The city of Moscow is the capital and largest city of Russia with over 11 million people.  It’s named after the Moskva River that flows through the city.
  • 2. The first reference to Moscow was in 1147, believing it to being founded sometime beforehand.  The Kremlin used to be ancient fortress, originally built in 1331.
  • 3. Moscow is on the eastern part of Russia and covers about 2,511 sq km, or 970 square miles.
  • 4. Architecture in Moscow includes the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and its onion domes, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Seven Sisters, the Sukhareve Tower, and many other monasteries, palaces, walls, towers, and churches.
  • 5. You can visit the historical city square called the Red Square.  The name comes from the Russian word Krasnaya, which can mean either “red” or “beautiful”.
  • 6. There are over a 100 parks and gardens in Moscow, including Gorky Park, the Neskuchny Garden, Izmaylovsky Park, Sokolniki Park, and the Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences.
  • 7. Includes the Russian State Library, founded in 1862 it’s the biggest in Europe and 2nd largest worldwide after the Library of Congress in the US.
  • 8. You can get to Moscow by air to five different airports and there are nine rail terminals in the city including connecting to the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • 9. Within the city you can get around by the Moscow Metro, Bus and Trolleybus, Monorail, Tram, Taxi and car.  For roads, there are four concentric ring roads around Moscow, the Bul’varnij Circle, Sadovoe Circle, 3rd Circle, and the MKAD circle.
  • 10. Hailing a taxi and hitchhiking can be indistinguishable, with an old Russian tradition of offering rides to strangers, in exchange for a small fee of course.

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