10 Interesting facts about Nikola Tesla

For anyone interested or curious to learn more about Nikola Tesla, here are 10 facts or aspects to get started with.

  • 1. Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1846, died on January 7, 1943 at 86 years old.  While born in Smiljan, now modern-day Croatia, he moved to the US in 1884.
  • 2. While probably most known for the Tesla Coil, other inventions include the Wardenclyffe Tower, the Tesla Induction Motor, Alternating Current, Fluorescent Lighting, an invention called the Death Ray which was early type of laser, and the Bifilar Coil.
  • 3. Tesla has said that he works out most of the ideas in his head, in detail, before committing to starting to work on it.  Some of the solutions or ideas he’s said to have received from dreams, where working on a problem and the solution or word would present itself.  This being a starting point, or a dot, from which he could connect the rest to.
  • 4. Many of his inventions were in the area of free energy.
  • 5. A typical day could be working 9am to 6pm, dinner 8 to 10pm, and back to work until 3am.  Somewhere in there would often include walking 8-10 miles a day.
  • 6. Nikola Tesla designed the first hydroelectric plant in the world at Niagara Falls, his last patent in 1920 was for a device similar to the modern day helicopter.
  • 7. Tesla was a polyglot, could speak eight languages including Serbo Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin.
  • 8. He was good friends with Mark Twain.
  • 9. Towards his later years he was mostly a vegetarian, including milk, bread, honey, and vegetable juices.
  • 10. Plaques or memorials include the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, Tesla is on the 100 Serbian Dinar currency note, there is a Nikola Tesla Corner in New York City, and a monument of Tesla in Lower Town, Croatia.

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