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Which users can I send an email notification to?

When you’d like to inform others about new content that you’ve just added to your network, using an email notification can be an one way for doing so.  You simply highlight the content, click the Email button, add the recipients and click Send.Adding recipients to your email notifications.

For adding the recipients, while you can include them in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields, not necessarily everyone in your network will be available as recipient options.  The only recipients available will be the ones the folder is shared with.  Here are a couple advantages for having this setup:

  • More efficient: If you have a 100 people in your network, but the folder that you’re sharing content with only includes 10 of those, you shouldn’t have to scroll through all 100 when most of the time it’s really only appropriate for whomever the folder is shared with.
  • Functional: The other reason of course is functional, maintaining your privacy.  If you (or somebody else) created a folder to share it only with certain people, likewise only those people and no others should have any type of access to it.

Recipients will be able to click a link in the email to go directly to the content in your network.

Learn more about using Email Notifications, including the key features, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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