Sharing hobbies with others on your family networks

Hobbies can sometimes be one of those things that you get into for a little while but it doesn’t last too long.  Which isn’t always a bad thing, you’re trying something new, getting a taste of it, and can have it stored for later when appropriate.Share hobbies on your family network.

Such as learning to play piano, guitar, harmonica or another instrument.  Just because you learn how to do it, can play a few chords, doesn’t mean you’re doing it every minute of every day, but rather something you can use every once in a while, sort of dig up again when the time is right.

And just like yourself, others in your family have probably gotten into this or that hobby for some amount of time, but for whatever reason aren’t doing it anymore.

With sharing on your own network, you can share some of the new things you’re trying out and hopefully with an audience that are at least polite, maybe supportive, and hopefully able to even provide some help or constructive criticism for some next steps to take.  Such as this sounded good, this part could maybe be worked on a bit more, etc.

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