Adding relevant websites for a project

For most of the projects you’re working on, they usually have some type of relevance to the outside world, such as potential customers, competitors, partners, and industry organizations. With using an Odysen network, you can add their websites along with your project for easy reference.

Adding websites to your project

From the folder that you’re using for a project, you can add sub-folders for different types of websites to have them neatly organized.  This could be a sub-folder for potential customers, one for competitors, partners, and industry organizations.Including useful websites with a project.

  • Customers: Helpful for double checking throughout a project the type of environment your customers are in.
  • Competitors: If you’re competing against a specific part, you can add a link to the website page for that part, having an easy reference for comparing specs and other attributes.
  • Partners: If you’re working on a project with consultants or freelancers, add their website for easy reference for others on your project.
  • Industry: You could also add various industry websites appropriate for your project, this could be for a broader view of the market your product is in, or if getting ready to make an announcement about your product in that publication.

Of course, you don’t have to create separate folders for each, you can just add the websites directly to your main project folder.

To add the websites, simply click the Websites application tab, click Create for a new website, and add as appropriate.  Once done, you can view the websites in each sub-folder or see an integrated view in the respective parent folder, or your main project folder.

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