Organize league events with different folders

For people involved with a league, you’re usually involved with events on a regular basis, such as every week.  With some leagues the events are at the same location, others change just about every week.

While keeping them organized can be done with a simple email, such as listing a schedule and the venues, you can also use an Odysen network.  Helping you to share the schedule similar to an email, but also including a myriad of other content options to include along with the event.

Here’s a short overview of some of the options available:Have your own network for a league.

  • Personalize the network by adding the name of your league or team to it.
  • Invite others to it for free, as anyone new to Odysen starts out on the free Basic plan.  You can add them by simply adding their email address, a display name, and sending them a welcome email.
  • Have one folder for Events and create sub-folders for each of the locations that your league regularly plays at.
  • Within each folder you can add the upcoming events, you can see an integrated view of all your events in the respective parent folder, or the folder you labeled Events in this case.  Include an event alert for each event if extra preparation is needed, this will send you a reminder email before the actual event.
  • Besides events, include other relevant content for the location.  This could be a website if available, add more specific directions to a note, share photos or videos from past events, and include any actions for tasks to do before an upcoming event.
  • Let others know of new events or content with a simple email notification, they can click a link to go directly to the content in your network and add comments for feedback.
  • Stay informed of any new content or comments by adding a newsletter to the network, automatically sending you an email summary of new content added.

While updating others in your league using email may be fine for a small change, when doing so from an Odysen network can be so much more.

Go here to learn more about having your own network with a league, including using the applications, the benefits, and other relevant blog articles.

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