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Editors can add new folders too

Once you start adding and sharing content with others on your network, naturally they may have an idea to expand the folder or topic by adding a sub-folder.  While the owner of the folder (who originally created it) can of course do this no problem, other people with Editor permissions can also create a new sub-folder.

This makes sense as a folder is really only a collection of content items, whether actions, notes, photos, audio, or other content.  So, if you add someone else as an Editor and they can add new content, adding a new folder is simply an expansion or extension of that content.

Adding a new sub-folder

Here’s how a user with Owner or Editor permissions can expand a topic or project with new sub-folders:Adding new sub-folders to your network.

  • Step 1, Adding the folder: Click the Create button.  This is on the top of the folder summary section, as shown in the screenshot on the right.
  • Step 2, Adding description and sharing: Once you click Create, you can add a name for the folder (required), a short description if appropriate (not required), and the option to add others to the folder.  You can initially add them as Editors or Readers, where Editors can add new content, and new sub-folders, and Readers can only view the existing content and add comments.
  • Step 3, Informing others: Once a folder is added you can let others know with a simple email notification.  To do this, just click the Email button in the folder summary view, select the recipients from your network and click Send.  By default, the subject will be the name of the folder and you can add additional content to the email body as appropriate.

Learn more about using folders with your network, including the key features, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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