Storing and sharing new ideas in a note

Have a new idea?  One of the simplest ways to quickly capture it is by jotting it down on a note.  This could be on a napkin, notepad, phone, tablet, notebook, or desktop, either way, it’s fast and you have something to reference back to later.

If connected to the web, you can also have the option of storing and sharing it on your Odysen network, here are some of the benefits you get from doing so:Storing and sharing new ideas with a note.

  • Simplicity: Click the Create button from the Notes application, add a title, the description or details and you’re done.
  • Backup: By storing online, you automatically have a backup for later reference.  This also allows you to access from different web devices such as your phone or tablet.
  • Informing others: You can let others know of new idea with an email notification.  To help sharing the note, the note content will automatically be include in the email, from which you can add or remove content as appropriate.  Recipients will be able to either view the note from the email or click a link to go directly to the note in your network.
  • Getting feedback: If sharing the note with others, they can add comments for feedback.
  • Privacy: By storing on your own network, the only people that will see the note are the ones you’ve shared it with, helpful to keep your ideas private until more developed.  You could say waiting until the meal is full cooked before sharing with the general public.
  • Complimentary content: For ideas that you’re becoming more active with, besides the note you can include other content complimentary to the note within the same folder.  This could be adding upcoming events, adding a poll about the idea to get feedback from others, including relevant websites, or storing appropriate multimedia files such as audio or video.
  • Making into a project: For ideas that are moving forward to next steps, you can add actions within the same folder of the note.  For each action, you can include the owner, priority, due date, and a short description.  The owner of the action can change the status as the action moves from In Progress to Completed.

Learn more about using the Notes application, including the key features, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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