10 Interesting facts about Edgar Allan Poe

For anyone curious or interested to learn more about Edgar Allan Poe, here are 10 interesting facts to get started with.

  • 1. Is probably best known for the poem “The Raven”, published in 1845.
  • 2. From Boston, Poe was born Edgar Poe on January 19, 1809 and died on October 7, 1849.
  • 3. With his father leaving when he one year old, mother dying at two, he was adopted by John Allan, and adding Allan to become Edgar Allan Poe.
  • 4. He first tried to make it with poetry, getting his first poetry book published in 1827, called Tamerlane and Other Poems, and moving to stories in the early 1930’s.
  • 5. The grandfather of Edgar, David Poe, emigrated from Cavan County, Ireland to America around 1750.
  • 6. His work is often considered to be part of a dark romanticism or Gothic genre, with themes about the different aspects of death, such as the physical signs, decomposition, premature burial, the reanimation of the dead, and mourning.
  • 7. Famous quotes from Edgar Allan Poe include “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”, “I have great faith in fools, self-confidence my friends call it”, and “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary”.
  • 8. There have been 281 movies that credit Edgar Allan Poe as the writer, some of these include The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Tell Tale Heart, Annabel Lee, The House of Usher, and many others.
  • 9. The circumstances of his death have become a mystery in itself, with Poe wandering around the streets of Baltimore in great distress and wearing clothes that were not his own, lending credence he was part of a cooping plot.  Cooping was a practice where citizens were forced to vote for a particular candidate, even having them change clothes to vote multiple times, but unfortunately were occasionally killed as well.
  • 10. A number of his homes are now Edgar Allan Poe museums.

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