Adding blogs from others in your industry

This can be helpful to easily stay informed of what’s happening in the industry you’re in.  As most news sources include an RSS feed for their latest articles, you can add a dozen different sources or so and see the most recent article from each.

Here are some of the benefits you get from doing so:Adding blogs and news sources from your industry in your own business network.

  • Easy to review: Simply click the news application and you can see the most recent article from each source.  This allows you to quickly review at any time, such as during your morning cup of coffee or catching up in the afternoon.
  • Sharing with colleagues: Share the folder that the news sources are in with colleagues, keeping everyone on the same page for recent industry changes and trends.
  • Including a description: This can be helpful when sharing with colleagues, so others can have a bit of an overview for how this news source pertains to your business activities.
  • Follow-up activities: For new things you or others learn from recent articles, you can use your network for follow-up activities.  This could be adding a new event you learned about, actions for learning more about a recent development or change, or adding a website link about a specific article for easy later reference.

Learn more about using the News reader application, including the key features, FAQs, and other relevant blog articles.

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