10 Interesting facts about Istanbul

For anyone interested in visiting or curious to learn more about Istanbul, here are 10 interesting facts to get started with.

  • 1. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey with a population of 13.9 million people, this is out of about 76 million in total and the 2nd largest city worldwide.
  • 2. It’s located on the northwest corner of Turkey, overlooking the Bosphorus, a waterway that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, which later connects to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • 3. It used to be known as Constantinople, or the City of Constantine, from 330 AD up until the 19th century, when names such as Stamboul, Pera, Beyoglu, and Islambol started to be used, before officially becoming Istanbul in 1930, meaning “to the city”.
  • 4. Istanbul can be characterized by seven hills, each topped by imperial mosques.
  • 5. It has historically been known as being a bridge between the continents of Europe and Asia.
  • 6. Is home to the famous Grand Bazaar, one of the largest covered markets worldwide.
  • 7. Historically Istanbul has been the capital of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire.  The current capital of Turkey is in Ankara.
  • 8. Famous landmarks in Istanbul include the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Dolmabahce Palace, all of which can be seen from the shores of the Bosphorus.
  • 9. The cuisine in Istanbul is known for its kebabs and other traditional Turkish foods as well as its historic seafood restaurants, lining the shores of the Bosphorus.
  • 10. Festivals in Istanbul include the Istanbul Festival showcasing art from Turkey, the Istanbul Biennial, and the Istanbul International Music Festival.

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