Centralize the websites used for your startup

If you’re working in a startup environment, changes are you’re spending lots of time in research mode.  Trying to fit into a specific niche or ecosystem, double-checking, and constantly looking for new data points to help you figure things out.

Often times this can include other websites, whether for potential customers, competitors, potential partners, or about the industry, with using on an Odysen network, you can add them to compliment your projects and activities, as well as being able to see integrated views.

Adding websites for your startup

Here are a few examples of different types of websites you could add:Bookmark useful websites for a startup.

  • Potential customers: Store a list of a dozen key potential customers to keep an eye on, whether from the same market and applications or different ones.
  • Partners: If working with another businesses or freelancer, include their website if available for easy reference.
  • Competitors: Have a list of competitors stored, helpful to quickly check on product spec or application note.
  • Industry: Store the main industry websites related to your market or niche.
  • Government: This could be useful when initially setting up your business, taking care of the appropriate forms.

Along with storing different types of websites, you can include their blogs if available in the news reader.  Once added, you’ll be able to see an integrated of the latest article from each.

Go here to learn more about having your own network for a startup, including application examples, the benefits, and other relevant blog articles.

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