When you need quality over quantity, try an Intranet

As more and more firms are racing to fill up the Internet with a focus on quantity over quality, it seems finding what you’re really looking for will only become more difficult and frustrating.  Finding the true experts in any given field takes longer, finding a half dozen or more for some real alternatives can start to get ridiculous, not to mention the hundreds of ads one has to deal with.

Of course, as this happens, the value of having a tool that increases quality only gets better.   Whether for personal use, or sharing with colleagues and friends, an Intranet solution can be a good fit to combat this trend.

  • Less time searching: With using a website bookmarking application, you can quickly build up a network of websites that you and others in your network use on a regular basis.  After a short time using, you can quickly have the dozens, if not hundreds, of websites you regularly reference to, all organized and with additional description and comments for further information about the website.
  • Keeping News relevant: As quantity gets more important, to avoid the surge of sensationalist headlines, you can build up your own library of news sources.  With options to add specific news feeds, such as copying and pasting the RSS feed, or adding just a specific keyword, such as for a specific market, company, product, or specific location, either way you can set up your own newspaper of sources.

Additionally with an Intranet solution, whenever you see a new website or news article that you think others in your network would be interested in, you have a range of options on how to move it forward.   You can send a simple email notification, you can add a separate note or comment, or add any actions if appropriate for further research.

So, as everyone else scrambles to make your searches less efficient, you can take comfort and refuge with a basic and simple to use Intranet solution.