Plans altered for new Websites focus

One of the things that happens when you start moving on with something new, are the things that maybe you thought were important, become not so much and it might be appropriate to make some changes.

Such is the case with the Odysen subscription plans, with the major change being there’s no longer a limit for the number of network content items, such as the quantity of actions, notes, events, polls, news, websites, etc. Now you can add however many as needed with no worry about upgrading.

Why the change?

You can only track or focus on so many things. Having plans with too many options may be ok for enterprise solutions, but for tools that are used by individuals or smaller groups, it becomes ridiculous and simplicity is king. Thus when Odysen was primarily offering private network solutions, having differences such as the number of projects or content items can be appropriate, but when now focusing on a website hosting solution combined with networks if needed, the number of content items is a much smaller part, no need to place such a strong emphasis in the plans.

Here is a summary of what you can do with the new plans.


Add as many networks, folders, and content items as you want, with the only limitation being storage at 1 GB. For each network you have the option to have a single public website page, using the Odysen sub-domain that you selected for your network, such as This is the free plan, helpful for getting started and familiar with how to manage your networks and websites.


For users that need extra storage or would like to use Odysen to manage their website, they can upgrade to the Premium for $4.99 a month, with storage increasing to 20 GB. This is a low cost plan for to be up and going with your own website, along with having networks to share new projects with others. The pricing does not include the actual price of the website domain, which can vary depending upon the name you select. For domain purchasing, we’re an affiliate of GoDaddy, and the price offered is whatever price is coming from them, no additional costs are added.


More active users requiring additional storage can upgrade to the Professional plan for $9.99 a month, increasing their storage limits to 50 GB. Currently the amount of storage is the only difference between Premium and Professional, versus before there were content item limits. That said, new features are in development that will be announced later in the year.

As you might expect, getting into website hosting can be easier said than done as there are literally hundreds of different directions you can go in, hence the hundreds of different solutions already available in the general market. Our solution will be more focused with freelancers in mind, such as writers, musicians and other artists. This can be from having specific web templates or applications for different niches, such as an album or song playing application for musicians, or a book website template for authors. Different solutions are being developed and will be announced in the new Websites section or on the blog.

While Websites is the new focus, Networks is still present and operating the same as before, with a few occasional updates as needed. The combined solution allows a freelancer to both share their new creations on their own private networks as well as being able to promote their work with their own website. With the result being a more efficient online tool and giving more time for what’s important, your new creations or doing your actual work.

I hope you enjoy the changes and stay tuned to the blog for more updates coming soon!