Now available: Public Pages!!!

Besides being able to have your own private networks using Odysen, you can now create public pages.  This could be a single public page from your network sub-domain or expanding to use Odysen to manage a website with your own domain.

Why the New Feature?

A few reasons, these being:

  • One, it’s hands down the most often heard request from our users, looking for a simple way to promote their network.
  • Two, managing your own website is similar and has also been a popular request, especially for anyone involved with freelancing activities.
  • Three, it’s a natural extension from having private networks.  You use private networks for groups you’re already connected with and while some of these groups are fixed, no need for promotion such as family or friends, others are different and are generally always looking for new people, customers, fans, otherwise known as getting exposure.  This could be for groups such as associations, organizations, clubs, or leagues, freelancers, and small businesses or startups.

Here’s a short overview of the different sections currently available:Have public pages for your networks.

Public Website

The new Public Pages feature can be found in the Manage Network section of any of your networks.  This is currently only accessible to the network administrators, most often the ones that originally created the network.


This is having a public page from any of your networks, using your network Odysen sub-domain as the Internet address such as, some of the highlights or key aspects:

  • By default, your network public page is initially not active, you have to activate it to make it live.  This can be done in the Settings section.
  • Add or edit content to your page in Pages section, this includes the meta data such as the page Title, Description, and Tags.
  • When adding content to a page, you have an HTML option, allowing you to directly edit the HTML being used, helping for more customized styling preferences.

Own Domain

This is for people that would like to extend their public page using an Odysen sub-domain to having a website using their own Internet domain.  Or, already having a website but would like to manage it through Odysen instead.  Some of the highlights:Create and edit your public pages.

  • Have multiple pages, easy to create, clone and edit as appropriate.
  • Use media files from your networks for your website.
  • Manage headers and footers across your web pages.

Media Files

Organize the different media files being used in a central place, some of the highlights:

  • You can import files such as photos, graphics, or audio directly from any of your existing networks.
  • Audio files can be played from a media player on your website.
  • Options to organize or your files, such as viewing only Images or Audio and sorting by the name, date added, and size.


See visitor traffic and contact messages from your public pages, some of the highlights include:

  • See the number of visitors by different timeframes, such as the today, the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and all time.
  • See visitors by their location or country.
  • View and organize contact messages received.  When adding a public page, you have the option to allow contact messages, from this you can create an intro question, security question and answer, and reply statement.

Enjoy the new features and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know in Support from your network.

Go here to learn more about using public pages, including they features, solution examples, and FAQs.