Albums: Audio Books for Poets

Audio Books are currently seen as one of the new rages or formats within the book publishing industry.  For most audio books, such as for fiction, these are done by voice professionals that can do a range of characters, usually much more so than your own capabilities and worth considering if doing it all.  For other types of books, such as poetry, well, you could say the audio format is already defined by the music album.

Why Albums are Audio Books for Poets

Here are few reasons why:

  • Be default, songs are poems that are sung.
  • Self-releasing an album can now be done low-cost with uploading to the web.  You can use services that are free or charge an annual fee for a range of distribution services.
  • As no lyrics are included with modern music anyway, adding a book full of lyrics with an album could be a natural counter, filling the vacuum.
  • If you’ve ever attended an open mic, you’ll find both the spoken word and music performed back to back, with an occasional comedy routine thrown in to boot, making a lower key music album, such as an audio book for poems, isn’t really that big of a stretch.

In summary, lots of new ways to format, promote or distribute your creations, probably best to dabble in a little of each and see what works best for you.

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