Telecommuting trends and updates

For a variety of reasons, telecommuting is an increasing attractive option for many employees and employers.   Employees get more flexibility to juggle their busy home and work schedules, employers get reduced office space needed (or shared offices), the less driving not only saves money from gas, but also helps your vehicle last a bit longer from less wear and tear not to mention your reduced carbon imprint.

Here’s a few recent articles and blog postings highlighting the ongoing trend of telecommuting:

As you can see, gas pricing is starting to pop up as another reason for telecommuting, or web working and work shifting as others are describing versions of it.    Either way, gas prices has an impact and if already starting to consider working from home one or two days a week, this can be yet another item to add to the list.

If interested in seeing a little of the bigger picture of what’s happening with gas prices in your area, here’s a website that helps you find the lowest gas prices in your area, as well as showing historical data up to a six year time frame.   Below is a screenshot of the six year chart comparing averages for US (blue), Canada (red), and California (green).

Historical gas prices and telecommuting.

While higher gas prices can be one factor in starting to telecommute more, you still need an appropriate home environment that is as comfortable if not more so than at the office.

This includes a space with preferably limited distractions, a decent internet connection, and the web tools appropriate for your work.   Setting up an intranet solution such as with Odysen can be a one way to set up and share a variety of information and updates.   These include storing and sharing documents, notes, actions for projects, important events, as well as bookmarking websites or keeping track of news articles with the news reader.

Probably the best thing about telecommuting once you start doing it more, is taking advantage of the additional flexibility, or time management if you prefer to call it.   You can take care of any errands during the day when it’s less crowded such as during your normal lunch hour (which you can re-schedule earlier or later for even less crowds), and free up more of that precious time in the evening for your family, friends, groups, hobbies or interests.