How self-publishers can get more traffic to their website

So you’ve gone through the work of publishing a book and even created a website for it, but end up finding the traffic is little to none.  Obviously this can be frustrating, here are a few things that are under your control to attract more traffic.

More Content, Absolutely

Most websites start off with one or a few pages.  If you’ve published a book, you have opportunities to include much more.  This could be samples or the first few pages of each chapter.  Google will offer a book search to make 20% of your pages public, while you can do this as well, you should probably at a minimum do it with your own site.  This way, you can control which parts to promote and how they should promoted.

More Books, Absolutely

If you’re a self-published writer, you have no excuses of having to wait for this or that approval.  As soon as it’s written it can be published, some self-publishers charge for different services but if you can do graphics and other things yourself, you can get it published for the wholesale cost of one book, such as $5 plus shipping.  Getting traffic with 5, 10 or 20 books will potentially increase traffic 5, 10, or 20 times, with each visitor for a specific book also likely being interested in others you’ve released.

Publish a Blog, Probably

One of the advantages of a blog is putting out content on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly.  This provides both new content for visitors and reasons for search engines to regularly check your site for updates.  That said, you don’t have to be spending time every day or week for writing and releasing it, you can organize and write them all at once and schedule as appropriate.  You can give examples of a published book, talk about your writing process, the writing or publishing industry, and other topics relevant for your books.

Add a Email Newsletter, Maybe

This could be to announce a new book, ebook, audiobook, book tours or other public events you’ll be attending.  If you already have a blog, this may be replication and not needed so much.  If you’re using a service that already has the functionally built in, you might want to try it.  If you end up using it, you have a list available, if not, no big deal.

Social Networks, Maybe

This is up to you of how much you want to promote.  If there are specific niche networks, of course and maybe some general ones.  The difficult thing is that for them to be effective, you sort of need to be there on a regular basis, developing connections and relationships, and then you’re really only letting people know about a new book.  That said, you can develop a fan base or audience, but again it takes time which could otherwise be spent writing more stories and books.

Analytics Review, Yes

Once you get some initial traffic, you can use an analytics service for all kinds of feedback.  This could be viewing what pages are visited to see which books people are interested in, the locations people are coming from to consider any promotion activities or planning to release in other languages, and the traffic source such as from Direct, Websites or Search Engines.

While getting a book self-published is an accomplishment on its own, if you’re thinking of actually getting a larger audience or reader base, doing a few of the above could be considered the bare minimum.  Plus, once done, any new books release is a simple additional, taking probably 10% of the time it took when first setting it up.

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