How marketing can use to manage the many websites they’re involved with

In this day and age, anyone involved with marketing is no doubt regularly accessing a wide range of websites.  Through using folders and the Websites application, here’s how you can use to help keep them organized and easy to access.

Organizing Your Websites

If you don’t have one already, create one folder in your network just for marketing, you could label it “Marketing”.  Within that, you can create multiple sub-folders for each of the main marketing activities you’re involved with, some examples:How marketing can organize websites on their own network.

  • Advertising: If you’re involved with advertising, you can have a folder just for the advertisers that you’re working with.
  • Blog: Add websites related to your blog, such as if you’re using WordPress, you can have a link going directly to your admin site.
  • Competition: Add websites of competitors in your markets, helping to have in one place for easy reference.
  • Customers: Add links to key customers that you’re working with.  Useful to stay informed of changes they’re going through.
  • Industry: Add links to websites that regularly discuss or are involved with your niche.  Helpful to see what’s happening from a big picture perspective, coming from current news and trends or those offering annual stats and changes.
  • PR: Add any websites that you use for an occasional press release.
  • Search: Add links for any webmaster tools from search engines that you’re getting traffic from.
  • Website: These could be websites related to the actual website of your business.  Such as any services you use to help manage or edit your website along with a link for any analytics tools you’re using.

Once the folders are added, you can click on the Websites application and add links to each folder as appropriate.  Even though all the websites are in their respective folders, by clicking on the parent folder, Marketing, where you can see all the websites being used.

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