Korean online collaboration tools

Looking for a simple and easy to use online collaboration tool for working with others in South Korea?

If so, here’s an example using Odysen in Korean for some local activities.

Initial Folder Setup

You can create folders to organize topical interests that are most suited for you and your group, whether it be for  locations, remote or sales offices, an upcoming trip, or more personal interests with others in your network. Have your own network to use in Korea, including using with the Korean language.

For Travel…

On the right you’ll see a folder setup example, starting off with locations including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Ulsan.  For the different locations you can add websites or news feeds of local services, easy to quickly reference on occasional visits.

For Technology…

Also a folder for some mobile technologies, including Samsung, LG, Pantech, add some news feeds to stay informed of the latest mobile product or initiative.  If using in a business setting, you can set up folders for other potential customers, add actions for new product testing and documents for sharing new products specs.

or Personal, Holidays…

And can even set up a few folders for other more private interests.  Create some folders for holiday festivals, add an event for Seollal, Samiljeol, Seokgatansin, Gwangbokjeol, Chuseok, Gaecheonjeol, Hangeulnal and Gidoktansinil.  With using Odysen, you can add events to each folder as appropriate, then see the consolidated view in the “All” folder, integrating all the events that have been shared with you.

Language Preference

Users can personalize the account to their preferred language to Korean either when they first login and setting up their user profile (username and password), or anytime later once their logged into their account.  This is done by simply clicking the ‘User (username)” button on the top right of any page, such as shown below.

How to change your network to be used in the Korean language.

Once done, you can return to your account by clicking your account name on the top left of any page, and all the applications and Odysen text will be in Korean.  Just a few seconds and done.

Check out the different Odysen plans to see which one is best for you.