Adding Comments to a News source

The News reader application has a new feature allowing users to add comments to any of the news sources.  Helpful to add some feedback to news feeds that others have added to your network, such as “check out their recent posting on our product”, or “see this review of a location we were thinking of going to”, or “look at this new article on your favorite hobbies” if for more personal interests.

Adding comments to a news source in the news reader from your network.

To add a comment, just click the “Comment” button on the right side of the news item.   After saving the comment, you have the option to send a quick email notification to others that the folder is shared with, as well as the ability to edit the comment later if needed.

While viewing the news item you can also Edit the news source (change the name, RSS URL or search keyword and description), or send an Email notification of the news source, helpful to update/notify either recently added news feeds, or for sharing existing ones with new members to your network.