Organizing content with Folders instead of Pages

While it might seem great if everything that you did worked out perfectly, it just doesn’t happen, hindsight is 20/20, best you can do is probably just be grateful you learn the lesson when you did rather than later.

Such is the case with the Pages application, RIP.

How it Started:

The original idea or value with Pages, or the Start Pages application, was to be able to integrate multiple different types of content into a single view, maybe what you could say a general topic.   Such as integrating content for a specific activity, having access to any new news feeds, relevant websites for reference, as well as internal applications such as actions, notes or events.  This could be helpful to give a project a certain focus, potentially improving collaboration by having everything together, easier to see the big picture and figuring out what to do next.

What Changed?

A couple things.  For starters, by already organizing content in topical folders, this original purpose of the Pages application was already being partially done through setting up the folder in the first place.   Such as for a project or trip, with application content in easy to access tabs, including an Updates section showing the most recent changes.  However, it’s still not the same as having actual content integrated together, side by side, such as including an audio file with a note.   This leads to the second point, that this integration is already happening with some applications, more on a case by case basis and will be continuing to do so.   This makes sense as it’s usually not everything in the folder that needs to be integrated, but rather specific items, such as with the audio file and note example.

Going Forward

As some of the main purposes of the Pages application were already being done elsewhere, and increasingly so going forward, the result being actual usage is too insignificant to continue development, updating for browsers and new application features.  This leads to more resources for the applications that are being used, which is better for everyone.  Plus, maybe in hindsight the best reason of all showing its’ repetition, is that once the Pages application is removed, there is no changes or loss to any of your network content, as the Pages application was only integrating different types of content, with the original content (an action, note, website, etc), still in its’ respective application.

While making a decision to drop some baggage every once in a while is never an easy thing to do, when the time needed to maintain becomes too much, preventing new creativity, especially when it’s no longer being used or is as needed, it’s time to be done with and move on.  Or as the saying goes, One Door Ends, Another to Begin.