Ability to edit content from the All Folder

Now when viewing an application item in the All folder, you can also have access to the edit functions, including editing the item, moving the item from one folder to another, sending an email notification of the item, deleting an item, as well as specific functions for the applications, such as the Take action feature in Actions, or the Slideshow view in Documents.

How you can edit application content directly from the All folder in your network.

The only standard functions that aren’t included are for when you’re creating a new item, the Create and Copy buttons, which are available to use from any folder that you’ve created.

This is set up for the applications including Actions, Documents, Notes, Events, News, Websites, and Pages.

Hopefully you’ll find this new feature/tweak a helpful when organizing and managing your items. Just click on the All folder (to see the integrated view of all your items) and edit as needed.