New application item layout, integrating details and comments

To make things a little more intuitive when viewing any application items, the layout has been tweaked from a top/bottom format to a left/right format.   See the below screenshot with the Note application.

New application viewing layout, integrating details and comments of an application item.

This helps to be able to both see the details of an application as well as view/add any comments, all in one view, versus previously one needed to scroll down a bit for the comments.

Here are some of the other items available when viewing an application item:

  • Edit: If you are an Editor for the folder that you’re viewing, you can click the Edit button to change any of the details, such as the text for notes, action details for actions, a new file in documents, and likewise for the other applications.
  • Email: Both Editors and Readers of a folder can both view and add any comments, as well as send a quick email notification to others in the folder if appropriate.  This can be helpful to ask somebody a question or clarification, and any email communications sent will only be shared with the ones included in the email.  So even though there might be others that are included in the folder, if they are not included in your email, they also won’t be able to see the email.  An extra privacy step for your quality communications.

Give it a try with a free 30 day trial with any of the plans available.  Let us know through Support if you need any help getting started.